The connector cannot be pulled off, but

It can be removed and reinstalled.

The 30 second connector is great for service work.

Saves times and Money $$$

The 30 second connector you can’t screw up!

A single connector fits any size coaxial cable, from mini-coax through RG6 Quad


It can transform from BNC Male to BNC Female, RCA Male, RCA Female,

F-Screw On, F-Push-On, F-Tamper Resistant and Universal Coupler.

The CaP connector is almost magical

Great for Composite Analog, HDsdi, HDcvi, HDtvi, and AHD.

It’s the 30-Second connector you can’t screw up!



F Screw-on

F Push-on



Universal Coupler

Replaces 2 BNC’s and

a barrel connector

Tamper Resistant F-Connector

The CaP can be used by itself without the insert as a tamper resistant F.

Cable Prep Tool