The Story Behind CAP Connectors

Giovanni Pugliese has two grown children, but the Cap connector is his baby.

About 25 years ago, the Italian engineer came up with an innovative and useful concept for attaching connectors to coaxial cable. He split the cable’s jacket to make the connector work like a finger puzzle – the harder you pull, the tighter it grabs. He patented the system, and a new product was born.

In 2011, Giovanni reached out to American Howard Kohnstamm, then head of VIT Training, to see if he would be interested in an unusual kind of connector. A friendship was formed.

VIT created a division, Cap-America, to supply the Italian connector to local and regional distributors in the US.

From the beginning, distributors and customers alike were impressed that the connectors fits all sizes of coaxial cable from mini coax through RG6 Quad, whether for analog, HDsdi, HDcvi, HDtvi, or AHD. “One size fits all” requires less inventory. The Cap connectors are easier to terminate than compression fittings, the wire is easier to prep, and they are competitively priced. The connectors cannot be pulled off, but they are removable and reusable, resulting in faster installation, less waste, and fewer thrown-away parts.

CaP’s work on several different types of cable, so you don't need to worry about having the right connector for a video or audio job you have not seen, which saves an installer time and the company money.  Another great thing about the Cap connector is that they are reusable.  If you mess up, no problem; just start over. It is that simple.  

Although many think IP is the only way, there is a great deal of coax still in use, and the demand for these innovative connectors has increased.  “Those who use them like them because they are faster, reusable, and less expensive than other compression connectors.”

Cap connectors, tools, and kits are sold in the US only through local and regional distributors. Cap-America supplies starter kits from small to large, individual tools, and 10-packs of connectors. Types offered include BNC male, BNC female, RCA male, RCA female, F-Screw on, F-push on, and a universal coupler. Installing Cap connectors only requires two tools, a cable prep tool and an installation tool to apply or remove the connector.

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